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  • Scent Branding for Retailers by Japs Camacho

    Hoteliers are the most common customers of scent marketing experts in the Philippines. But now, retailers are also seeing the potential benefits of scent branding for their businesses.

  • Scent Branding on Hotels by Japs Camacho

    Bloomberg did a study in 2015 and found out that over $300 million has been spent by various industries worldwide in scent marketing. It’s slated to increase every year, eventually making it a billion-dollar industry in the coming years.

  • Benefits of scent marketing by Japs Camacho

    Scent branding has been around for quite some time and is gaining popularity here in the Philippines. But what can you get from investing in this marketing tool?

  • Scent Marketing in the Philippines by Japs Camacho

    Scent branding in the Philippines is quite new. Those who are in the hospitality business are the only people who often give importance to the power of scent marketing. But what is scent marketing? How can it help businesses get more customers? Where can you find a trustworthy provider of aroma diffusers in the Philippines? Read on to know more about this marketing tool.

  • What is Scent Marketing by Japs Camacho

    Do you know that there’s another way to promote your business brand to clients other than visual marketing tools? Scent marketing has been rising in popularity abroad and in the Philippines, businesses are also starting to take a look at what it can offer to benefit their company.

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