Scent Branding for Retailers by Japs Camacho 2018-10-10
Hoteliers are the most common customers of scent marketing experts in the Philippines. But now, retailers are also seeing the potential benefits of scent branding for their businesses. 

Here are some retail stores we often encounter that make effective use of scent branding.

- Bakery
Bread fresh from the oven sure smell splendid, but do you know that some bakeries knowingly point their fan toward the street to let the smell of newly-baked goods travel throughout the neighborhood? This is a strategic move to signal customers that they can now avail freshly-baked bread to feed their hunger.

- Coffee shops
Starbucks is the best example of a company who uses scent marketing. Notice how the wooden décor, the music, and the smell of coffee all meld together to create a unique ambiance? This is all by design to maximize every aspect of marketing to invite more customers to their shops.

- Cinemas
We all know that the smell of popcorn equates almost to a movie theater. Notice how it’s affected our preference when watching movies even at home? You want to eat crunchy snacks similar to popcorn.

- Hardware stores
They often smell like freshly cut wood or grass even though you’ll barely see these products sold in the store. This is because the scent inspires us to buy new furniture or tools to make home renovations. 

Despite these great examples, many retail stores still don’t know how to harness the power of scent branding in the Philippines. 
Retailers usually focus on in-store decorations and colorful promotional materials, especially during special occasions. They forget the importance of incorporating scents to make the store ambiance more relevant to the event they’re promoting. 

Small retailers also make the mistake of using a generic air freshener usually found in grocery stores. This has some drawbacks that can affect the business in the long run.

Your store may smell good for a few days but this will eventually fade after some time. You’ll feel like the freshener is getting more inefficient but the truth is you’re suffering from olfactory fatigue. This happens when your olfactory senses have adapted to the smell after prolonged exposure, causing a temporary inability to distinguish it from other odors. 

Retail stores should have a barely noticeable scent that’s not too overwhelming to the senses. The aroma diffuser you’re using should also let you control when and how much of the fragrance is released into the room. 

So where should you get the right aroma diffusers in the Philippines that will help your retail store convert more sales? 

Kenkim Enterprises is one of the leading providers of aroma diffusers in the Philippines. We have a range of products that can cater to businesses, whatever your office size is. 

We have the HGS 250 that will suffice for small retail stores. It has a 150 cubic meter capacity. For bigger spaces, we have the products that can cover up to 5,000 cubic meters of space. Installation options vary, depending on the size of the location you want the aroma diffuser to be installed.

You’ll surely find something suitable for your branding after browsing through more than 100 fragrances we offer.

Kenkim Enterprises can help you get started with scent marketing for your retail store. Give us a call and let’s discuss what we can do for your business.

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