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Benefits Of Scent Marketing

Scent branding in the Philippines has been around for quite some time and is gaining popularity here in the Philippines. But what can you get from investing in this marketing tool?
Here are the top benefits of scent marketing in the Philippines:

1) Reinforce branding
Scents can invoke emotions and this can be used to reinforce brand recognition. Scents can differentiate your business from competitors, giving you a unique edge over them. It can make your brand unforgettable, especially if it imprints an enjoyable memory on your customers.

Kenkim Enterprises deal with aroma diffusers in the Philippines that are meant for business use. You’ll surely find a scent suited to your business from over 100 fragrances they offer from their selection.

2) Increase salesA study conducted in 2003 revealed that around 84% of customers lean more toward buying a pair of shoes if they’re displayed on a scented area. Scent marketing also increases the chance of purchasing a scented product by 10-15% over unscented ones.

Another experiment on scent marketing revealed that the sales of freshly-brewed coffee on gas stations skyrocketed just because of the smell of the drink.

The results of these studies lead to only one result: Sales Increase. 

3) Improve customer experience
Do you remember what it smells like when you entered a hotel, especially a high-end one? What you smell is designed to improve your experience while doing business with them. For scent marketing experts, branding is not all about visual presentation but also customer experience.

According to Mariott Hotel’s VP for brand management, the purpose of scent marketing is to retain brand identity in the customer’s memory for a long time. She said that 60% of marketing visuals are forgotten after a year, while the memories implanted by scents only fade by 40%.
If you’re running a hotel, you can try the HGS 800 aroma diffuser from Kenkim Enterprises that cover over 5,000 cubic meters of space.

4) Extend the time they spend with you
Research reveals that stores which utilized scent marketing witnessed how customers stayed longer by 20% than the average time a person lingers in their shops. The same stores also experienced a 300% increase in sales of certain products with the help of scents.

Scents have the power to persuade customers and make them feel comfortable even in a place foreign to them. The customers didn’t know that they’ve been drawn in by the scent released by aroma diffusers strategically situated in these shops.

5) Invite new customers
How can you attract new customers aside from stunning visuals? The most common alternatives are using sounds and smell. 

Experts in scent branding know that allure is closely tied to our senses, whether it’s visual, auditory, or olfactory. Striking colors and appealing music are what you often encounter but the most potent is the appeal to our sense of smell. Scent branding experts in the Philippines capitalize on this psychological process to create scents that will help customers recall positive experiences.

Small businesses in the Philippines can try the HGS 300 from Kenkim Enterprises to invite new customers to their shops. It’s wall-mounted and can cover an area of 350 cubic meters.

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