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How To Choose The Right Scent For Your Business

Scent branding in the Philippines continues to gain ground in various industries. It only used to be popular among hotels but it’s now also utilized in the fitness and retail sectors. 
There are a lot of fragrances to choose from but not all are suitable for your business. Here’s a short guide of how businesses in different industries choose the right fragrance for their scent branding. 

• Hotels Scenting
Hotels adjust the scent they use to their location. Those situated in Las Vegas have a sweet but spicy coconut scent to reinforce the tropical feel the location wants to establish. The Manor at Baguio has a natural scent to further accentuate the ambiance surrounded by pine trees.

• Fitness centers Scenting
We all know that gyms are full of sweat and various odors the come along with it. This is why you’ll have a great advantage over your competitors if you can resolve this issue with scent branding. 

Gyms that smell good invite more members to sign up. Make sure all corners are covered with a good smell, including the lobby, locker rooms, and workout areas.

The most commonly used scents for fitness centers are oils containing cardamom, rosemary, and peppermint. Some use citrusy scents like orange and lemon to reinvigorate the energy of those who are getting tired from exercising.

• Spas and salons
Spas use pampering scents to relax their customers. Lavender, green tea, and mint are the most popular choices of these establishments. During massage sessions, jasmine, vanilla, and geranium may be used to relax the muscles and relieve the mental stress of the customers.

• Retail stores
The fragrance you’ll select should be relevant to the product you’re selling. This helps invoke both the imagination and emotion of customers, complementing the items you’re selling in your store.For example, if you’re selling bathing suit, a scent that smells like the ocean breeze is the most appropriate for your store.

Restaurants, bars, and nightclubsIt’s very tricky to employ scent marketing in these establishments. The mixture of scents including smoke, body odor, food, and beer can create something that can’t be removed by simple installation of aroma diffusers. A special kind of fragrance may be needed to neutralize the odor and introduce a scent suitable to the brand of your business. The help of experts would be of great help in this situation. 

Aside from choosing the appropriate fragrance, you have to select the right system to distribute the scent throughout your establishment. Kenkim Enterprises is one of the pioneer suppliers of aroma diffusers in the Philippines. We have models like the HGS 300 that’s best used in small areas and the HGS 800 that can cover up to 5,000 cubic meters of business space.

Kenkim Enterprises has more than a hundred fragrances you can choose from. Just give us a call if you need help in choosing which scent suits your business best.

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