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Scent Branding On Hotels

The Trend in the Hotel Business
Our sense of smell is connected to several parts of our brain, including those that process memories and emotions. This is what hotels take advantage of. Scents have the power to soothe and enchant customers the moment they enter the lobby where a calming aroma can be smelled. Not every scent can be used, though, to get more customers to do business with you. 

According to the general manager of a known hotel in Amsterdam, hoteliers must select a scent that’s not too overpowering but also not too light to get unnoticed. The scent should perfectly reflect the values their company upholds. Memories created from scent may become permanent which is why hotels must choose carefully the fragrance they will use to represent their brand.Hotels using scent marketing in the Philippines consider many factors in selecting the right fragrance for their lobbies. This includes the overall design of the place and the color and texture of the designs.

Do you want to create an energizing or relaxing ambiance? Or maybe you want to put in some flirty and playful scent? It really depends on the theme of the hotel and your target audience.Whatever the reason is, the bottom line is to encourage customers to stay longer and get them to book your hotel again on their next vacation.

The Best Scents for Business
A person has around 65% accuracy in recalling something they’ve smelled compared to the 50% average with what they saw. This is why luxury hotels choose more exotic scents to make sure customers attribute the smell only to their brand.

If you’re looking for the best scents for your business, here’s a list of the most popular scents used by hotels around the world:

  • Fresh rain
  • Fresh cotton
  • Green bamboo
  • Green tea and aloe
  • Green tea and lemongrass
  • Green tea and sage
  • Ocean
  • White tea and fig
  • White tea and thyme
  • Utopia

These scents are the most popular in the hotel industry and are used by top-tier hotels around the world. If none of these suits your preference, you can still choose from over a hundred fragrances we have at Kenkim Enterprises.

After choosing the right scent, what you need next is an aroma diffuser. For hotel lobbies, the following aroma diffusers from Kenkim Enterprises will be more than enough to give your hotel an unforgettable scent:

1) HGS 300
Capacity: 300-500 cubic meters
Installation: Wall-mount or tabletop
Purpose: Good for small areas
2) HGS 500
Capacity: 800-1,000 cubic meters
Installation: Tabletop or HVAC
Purpose: Good for medium-sized spaces

3) HGS 800
Capacity: 8,000 cubic meters
Installation: HVAC only
Purpose: Good for covering the whole floor of a building
Kenkim Enterprises can help you get started with scent marketing for your hotel. Give us a call and let’s discuss what we can do for your business.

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